The domain in IrancySince 1604 The history of Bienvenu cellars.

Following Leon then Serge, now Baptiste manages the business.  By combining new techniques with the experience of the past, he strives to express in his wines the maximum qualities of the local area.

He is developing the domain through its new infrastructures and in particular the opening of a new tasting cellar in Chablis, rue Jules Rathier.

Baptiste is an entrepreneur with a charismatic character, recognized and respected in the region.

The vineyards, covering an area of 25 hectares produce the following appellations:  IRANCY, IRANCY Les Mazelots, IRANCY Palotte, IRANCY Veaupessiot, IRANCY Veauchassy and IRANCY Le Paradis.

In the expansion of the domain initiated by his grandfather Léon and continued by his father Serge, Baptiste bought prestigious plots such as Veaudillien and Veaupessiot.

Even though the domain produces mainly red wines, Pinot rosé and Aligoté wines now complete the range of fresh and fruity wines on offer.

Very quickly, the quality of the wines produced by the Bienvenu family was recognized and awarded with the Burgondia, Féminalise and the general agricultural competition.

In 2018, Baptiste expanded its range, already well represented, with other appellations such as Chablis, Chablis 1er Cru Beauroy or Crémant de Bourgogne. He was thus able to show that his know-how was expressed equally for both the vinification of red wines and that of white wines.


Baptiste hopes, one day, to pass the reins of the prestigious Bienvnu house to his daughters, Léa, born in 2006, Chloé born in 2009 and Rose born in 2011.

Day after day, Baptiste devotes himself to this fundamental task: sharing his passion for the great wines of Burgundy, teaching them the methods of growing vines and winemaking.